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The SFS Staff



Where do I start.........

I met these ‘ladies’ back in 2006 and let’s just say I wasn’t on their ‘friend application’ list for a very long time after this... 

But that was nearly 10 years ago and now they are a huge part of SFS and my ‘A team’.

In 2013 I ask the girls to cater our April retreat – this then went from catering to the complete running of my SFS baby – the October retreat – which they did with so much energy and passion they now run two of the SFS retreats a year – and yes these are a blast!!!

In July 2013 Bev started work at SFS Headquarters helping with stock and paperwork, and soon became known as the SFS debt collector when it came to outstanding retreat monies. Bev now controls the takings of our 5 annual retreats as well as BAS & other paperwork.

Our work days are filled with laughter & chatter and she is an asset to my team, I would be lost without her.




[AKA SFS Director of Social Media, Design Team Member & Retreat Assistant]

I met Donna through an online forum over 10 years, talking on this forum and others till we finally meeting her in real life in 2008... and we have been friends ever since.

Donna began on the SFS Design Team in 2010, helping behind the scenes with social media such as blog posts, Newsletters and Facebook updates, and has continued to do this expanding now to pinterest.

Donna has always been there for me when I needed anything, from kit samples to product images for the shop – she is my 2nd eyes for editing and my go-to girl for feedback on posts.

Donna is also my awesome shop assistant at many SFS Retreats, as well as others we take the shop too. I really love working alongside Donna, she loves sharing her creative flair with others and nothing is ever too much trouble. Donna’s demo's are always well received and very informative – and the retreat guests are always getting lots of ideas and information from her.

So keep your eyes out for tips from Donna online and at retreats – she is very knowledgeable on all aspects of craft, scrapbooking, mixed media, Project Life and so much more.

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